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IT Solutions that work for you.

Don't let your computer systems run aground. Compucare services for desktop and notebook computers minimise downtime and keep your systems running at best efficiency.

The goal of our Compucare programs is to ensure your computers are configured correctly, and remain a reliable, secure and cost-effective platform for your business operations.


Our belief is that most users want their computers to work for them without having to do a lot of messing around to start with. Compucare Installation and Configuration services ensure that your new systems are configured correctly, with sensible, standardised, easy to operate settings, and pre-loaded with the software extras that are needed for efficient office operation.

All desktop and notebook computers supplied by Allways Networks come standard with a Compucare Installation, but we are happy to offer this service to our regular clients for any new computers that you purchase.

Preventative Maintenance

Any complex item of technology requires routine maintenance for optimum performance. Compucare services keep your desktop and notebook computers running efficiently and reliably.

Our Compucare multi-point preventative maintenance and support programme has been developed over many years and is aimed to keep your computer optimised; to minimise downtime; and where possible to provide early warning of failing components.