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Keep your network infrastructure communicating securely and reliably. Your network infrastructure and services are the base on which all your other computer and internet activities take place.

Whether you need a completely new network installation, or wish to audit or upgrade your existing infrastucture, Allways Networks has cost-effective, reliable and secure solutions for you. Our core Nduro server packages provide essential, reliable network shared data, email, web, and backup services appropriate for businesses small and large. And our solid experience enables us to offer innovative design, reliable management, and expert consulting services.

Nduro Server Solutions

Our Nduro Server packages are designed to provide secure and reliable network infrastructure solutions to the essential needs of today's business or organisation at a fraction of the cost of equivalent products.

Do you need...?

YesSecure Information Sharing

YesReliable, Fault Tolerant Systems

YesInternet Firewall and Safety Filter

Yes'Peace of Mind' Automated Backup

YesFull Domain Email & Web Support

YesShared High Speed Internet Access

YesIntegrate existing Computers & Software

YesBest Value, No Hidden Cost Solutions

You need an Nduro solution.

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Internet Stations

Need an Internet-only workstation for a public facility, library, internet cafe or an office workstation? Our low cost, secure internet station allows full internet browser access but keeps your workstation secure by not allowing any data to be written back to the hard disk drive.

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Network Service

With our strong base of knowledge and experience, Allways Networks offers a wide range of network consulting and support services including: network design, installation and configuration, ongoing management contracts and system auditing.

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